Terms & Conditions

Wearing a new fully-customized wig, can sometimes take an adjustment or two to dial in. It can be as simple as moving a clip, or adjusting the color slightly. Our goal is for you to be happy with your new wig, and sometimes adding a few extra hairs, or taking a few hairs out, can make a difference. We are here for you.

Custom hairpieces are designed to your specifications, and because this is a custom wig, there will be no refunds.

The price includes initial adjustments if needed for to improve fit, color, and density.

For optimum lifespan and appearance of your wig, services will be required by you (or shipped back in to us). Such service may include washing, styling, color touch-up, and hair addition (aka, venting). Charges for such services are based upon the additional work required, and not included in initial purchase.

We want you to feel like you, again, and strive to make you happy, and comfortable. This is a very personal process, our goal is to have a quick turnaround.

Please watch this video below so that you understand how to properly wash your wig.