Troy Mitchell - Creative Director/Founder


“Every woman should have the opportunity to have a wig that looks and feels exactly like their own hair before cancer and its treatments interrupted their lives.”

Troy Mitchell opened up Hair Research and Design in Santa Monica with his mother in 1987. Together they specialized in the art of making hairpieces and wigs for men and women experiencing hair loss.

The clientele quickly grew to professional actors and musicians in the entertainment industry. There began a need for the personal touch a star-studded clientele demands. Privacy is at the forefront of their customer-service practices, keeping in line with the clinical standards that are upheld in plastic surgery offices.

The same techniques used to develop a character for a movie are applied in creating a look for our clients. We simply use photos of you wearing your hair as you normally do to capture a look or series of manageable hairstyles that are familiar to you. The result: a wig that looks and feels exactly like You Again.

The mission of is to give women a fully customizable and affordable wig within 3 weeks giving them their lives, relationships and their beauty back.

With the introduction of his medical wig service, Mitchell offers the public what he has been providing for his clientele for all these decades: The freedom and satisfaction of feeling like themselves, again. From the privacy of your own home, you can now have a wig fully customized to meet your needs within 3 weeks.

CIMMI DUNCAN- Lead Colorist and Stylist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cimmi has been working in several facets of the beauty and entertainment industry for over two decades. Working at Fred Segal, she has worked with numerous celebrities over the years and has earned respect as one of the best colorists in town.

Since joining Hair Research and Design, Cimmi has learned the art of personalized wigs. Everything is customized for the wearer, from the fitting and making of the piece to the styling and maintenance.

As a wig wearer and someone who has suffered with hair loss, she has a deep empathy and understanding of the psychological aspects of both losing and wearing hair. She makes it easy for those who are undergoing treatment to get the hair they desire in a timely manner.