Troy Mitchell has been creating customized wigs and hair pieces for those experiencing hair loss since 1987, he opened Hair Research and Design in Santa Monica, CA with his mother who taught him the business.

When a client is formulating a character for a movie, This is the same process for You Again Wigs, a fully customized wig to fit your needs.

Troy has always wanted to make his unique process available to everyone, and is the philosophy behind You Again Wigs. No two people are alike, your wig should make you, you.


Mitchell and business partner Cimmi Duncan have a star-studded clientele in their Santa Monica salon, so privacy is at the forefront of their customer-service practices, keeping in line with the clinical standards that are upheld in plastic surgery offices. "Most of my clients are musicians, lawyers, producers, actors, and athletes, but no one knows because we keep it private," says Mitchell. "They think I'm the secret that no one knows about, but half of their friends come here too!"

With the introduction of his cancer treatment wig service, You Again, Mitchell offers the public what he has been providing for his clientele for all these decades: The freedom and satisfaction of feeling like themselves, again.

Cimmi has been in many facets of the beauty industry for over two decades. Working as a licensed Esthetician, Stylist, Hair and MakeUp Artist, and now focusing on Wig Design, Fabrication, and Styling. Born and raised in Los Angeles and being immersed in the entertainment industry, she’s always been drawn to the health and beauty aspects of the business.

Because of her pursuit for knowledge she pursued it all...

After attending the Cinema Makeup School of Hollywood, Cimmi took up residence at Fred Seigel as a makeup artist and stylist. Working with a high end retailer gave her access and opportunity to work with numerous celebrity clients, providing them with inspiration and direction on their own personal hair,makeup, and skin care.

Cimmi has always had a passion for all aspects of beauty, naturally she decided to attend the Aveda Institute to further her knowledge of hair. A long time wig, weave, and extension user, Cimmi found it difficult to find wigs to fit her correctly and as a result began to make and design her own wigs. Her passion for hair and wigs has led her to work with Troy Mitchell at Hair Research and Design.

Since joining Hair Research and Design, Cimmi has learned the art of personalized wigs. Everything is customized for the wearer, from the fitting and making of the piece to the styling and maintenance. The most rewarding aspect of this experience has been learning how to help men and women adapt to a more comfortable lifestyle even while dealing with todays hair loss.

As Cimmi’s experience grew so did her approach. An example would be from her original idea of just looking good to now- when she focused on paying more attention to feeling good about yourself! Looking good from inside- out. When makeup and hair are done well, the wearer has a more positive confident energy, effecting the world around them- positively.

''You must first understand that it all starts with loving who you are and where you come from. You must also understand that your hair is a direct line to your ancestry and your lineage, if you deny it you are denying the very essence of who you are and if you don't know who you are, how will you know who you want to become. I am not my hair, my hair is just an extension of me, it does not define me, I define it.”